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Wondering how often I update this page? Wondering what you may have missed? Read on!

18.01.01--Remember Me? Hey. If you're reading this, yes, it's Jerrold. I'm still around and so is this site.

07.02.25--Oh, By Jingo!, A Quick One While He's Away (from Prof. Heckler), and Lady Madonna (from Tim Hodge).

07.01.28--I can't believe I didn't at least make a quick post to wish everyone a happy new year and point them to the cornerstone of this website—all the genius and passion behind Uke Boog can be summed up with this message. Now that that's out of the way... Arch Larizza can teach us I Love Me and You've Got a Friend in Me.

06.11.27--It's another Toine Otten trifecta: Galileo, Message to My Girl and Julie. And, man!, I have a bunch of Uke World photos to put up. Thanks to everybody taking time to take those pictures, I will put them up soon.

06.10.20--So what's everyone been up to? Well, Mijke van Oosterhout sent in some pictures from Holland, and James Savage some pictures from Peru. Arch Larizza comes through again with The Drugs I Need. And check out the links page for a bunch of new players.

06.06.19--Thanks, Toine, for George Formby's When I'm Cleaning Windows and Metallica's Nothing Else Matters.

06.03.27--The Continuing Story of Bungalow Bill from Kyle Bradbury and You Meet the Nicest People in Your Dreams from Arch Larizza.

06.03.11--It's the tallest structure in Canada, no it's not Don Cherry's ego (yok yok yok), it's the CN Tower courtesy of Tim Hodge. And here's another song from Humble Will Teach, Back When My Hair Was Short by Gunhill Road.

06.03.03--An Uke Shout Out right off the bat to Humble Will for Navajo Trail. Thanks, HW. Secondly, we know you ukers rank bridges right below ukes. Ukes, bridges, cuttlefish. That's the order of things. Ulmanen shares 4 (four!) uke/bridge pictures with you in Uke World, going from Finland to Malta (don't you wish you were so well-travelled?).

06.02.12--Ulmanen sends in a picture of the Helsingin tuomiokirkko (more from Ulmanen coming soon). And to fulfill a request from J. Bee's class here's Rubber Ducky (thanks also to G. W. and to the PCE for keeping it alive).

06.02.06--Yeehaw! Uke World is back up. I forgot how many good pictures were in there. Check out the two latest, the Great Wall from Richard Mitlyng and Pan from Chuy Praline, now. Do it! And after that, try this beautiful song from Arch Larizza.

06.02.03--You can ponder winning the lottery with the Barenaked Ladies' If I Had a Million Dollars from Tim Hodge.

06.01.21--Two new ones: Teenage Kicks from Bob Ruthven and When I'm Sixty-Four from Tim Hodge.

06.01.18--We've got two Arch Larizza exclusives with Sail Away and I Won't Grow Up (which, incidentally, makes a good new year's resolution). Enjoy!

06.01.12--This was meant to go out as a Christmas gift, but it's now your New Years gift: a page of Helen Kane wavs (better known as Betty Boop) and the Ohek page (featuring a 78 jukebox). There is also Candy Says from Professor Heckler and Ukulele Lady from Indiana Bigfoot (Phil). (Don't forget the special message for you on the Media page under "Uke Idiot.")

05.12.14--A couple more: Ukulele Jams, the previously linked Boulder Acoustic Society, and Oliver Brown.

05.12.14--Uke player pages are popping up all over If you have an account and the right plug-ins, you can hear some free music. Check out Uke Springsteen, Pauline Easy, David King, and Victoria (sigh) Vox.

05.12.06--There's been a mess of unrecognized updates, so here're the shout outs: Through the Years from Ray Albrektson, Pirate Jenny from Professor Heckler, Return to Me from Faith Champion and Thomas Keolker,Tie a Yellow Ribbon Round the Old Oak Tree from me, and The Masochism Tango from Arch Larizza.

05.11.07--It's all Arch Larizza with Cry Me a River and The Christmas Song (to remind you all to brush up for the fast-approaching holidays). Don't forget to check out the Holiday Songs section.

05.10.29--It's a Toine Otten trifecta with these three songs: The Windmills of Your Mind, Tears in Heaven, and Anarchy in the UK.

05.10.24--It's a Humble Will hat trick with these three California songs: California Sun, All the Gold in California, and It Never Rains in Southern California.

05.10.06--Be sure to try out the picked intro on Brown-Eyed Girl, taught to me by Chocolate Thunder.

05.10.04--What's new, Jefe? All I Have to Do Is Dream (thanks HWT), House of the Rising Sun (from Don Fowler), and Strawberry Fields Forever (from Arch Larizza), that's what.

05.09.28--Here's a small mid-week update that brings us a fix to I'll See You in My Dreams, some Afternoon Delight, and Let a Smile Be Your Umbrella. And a quick shout out to Joachim Joe Harmut celebrating 44 years of ukin' and screamin' for ice cream.

05.09.22--All right, it's three for Thursday. That's Sorry Sorry, Major Tom (Coming Home), and I'll See You in My Dreams with Uke Shout Outs to Don Fowler, Mary-Anne McTrowe, and Arch Larizza. There are a couple other points to note on the new layout. I've closed my Cafepress stores. Cafepress sets its base prices a little high, so I seldom charged more than a "round up to the next dollar" (ie. 1 penny) commission on those shirts - I was just happy to get some uke shirts out there. I may still silkscreen a few shirts myself. If I do, you'll see them here. If you want to help support Uke Boog (rare plug... prepare yourself), buy my book here, or at Amazon, or from Roy T. at UkuleleWorld, or order it from your favorite retailer. Beyond beginner books? Consider donating it to your local school.

05.09.21--One of the reasons I've been slack about updating Uke Boogaloo is the work I've been putting into the other departments at Alligator Boogaloo Industries. Namely, Alligator Boogaloo's main page and Kids Boogaloo. Now that those are new, I thought Uke Boogaloo could use a little care, too. Hence, the green. I'm also going back to the [square brackets] way of laying out chords. If you prefer to see them above the lyrics, I will refer you here. Try it out with Margaritaville, courtesy of Humble Will Teach.

09/08/05--In the songbook: Dock of the Bay, Dream a Little Dream of Me (Thomas Keolker), I Don't Really Love You Anymore (Mary-Anne McTrowe), Faith (Adam Danoff), The Lumberjack Song (Diana Yassanye), I'm Yours (David Delaney), The Mercy Seat (Arch Larizza). In Ukeworld: Strolling of the Heifers (Choc. Thunder), Joe Strummer Mural (Dan the Man), Uke Tree (Charly Castor), and Great Wall (Richard Mitlyng).

08/08/05--So there I was, on the very eve of Uke Boog's 3rd anniversary. I had made an update a day for a week and was planning to make I Love to Singa the 200th song. Then the winds of inspiration changed, and though updates are still made, they come at odd times and the links don't always work. Anyhow! The worst part is not having made the time to thank everyone for their contributions. From Dean James' close encounter to Kevin Duffy's Sons of the Desert homage to the many yet-unacknowledged emails, a mess of big Uke Shout Outs.

07/30/05--In the songbook: In My Little Snapshot Album (Arch Larizza), song #200 I Love to Singa (Arch Larizza), Venus (Louie Pearlman), Stop Stop Stop (Arch Larizza), Honolulu Baby (Kevin Duffy), Iko Iko (Liz Newton), Crippled Inside (going out to his friends at work from Arch Larizza). In Ukeworld: Star Wars Uke (Dean James), Chinese Tea Garden (Chuy Praline), Brattleboro (Choc. Thunder), Tower Bridge (Ulmanen), and Siegfried and Roy (Choc. Thunder).

05/31/05--99 Red Balloons plus 99 Luftballoons equals song #198.

05/29/05--Song #195 came from D.J. Coffman ages ago (it was at the secret song page for a while): Soon Forget. Then, representing Mainland and Island uking, Alabamy Bound (#196) and Hene Hene Kou Aka (#197). Speaking of (uke) worlds, Chocolate Thunder flies to his favorite bar.

05/18/05--We log song #193 with help from Toine Otten, Enjoy the Silence (as the uker said to his neighbors when he broke his arm). Then, could that be song #194? Perhaps, Perhaps, Perhaps. And, continuing his tour of bridges... Ulmanen and Dino at the Brooklyn Bridge

05/11/05--It finally happened, I ran out of web space. But there's no better time for an upgrade than the eve of Uke Boog's 3rd anniversary. For those of you counting, we've gotten ahead of the "song a week" idea. So to start off the countdown to our 200th song here's a submission from Humble Will Teach: Bobbie Gentry's Ode to Billy Joe. And as a bonus, something of a rarity: Cole Porter's only country composition, Don't Fence Me In. Another bonus, of course, a Uke World pic: from Frank Kaszar, it's Green Bay Uking at Lambeau Field. (The upgrade came with some email trouble last week-if you're having trouble getting through, please try again.)

04/21/05--A ballad I could sing to my uke: I'm Into Something Good. We're coming up on Uke Boog's third anniversary, the songbook is at around 190 songs. Sounds like a top ten countdown is in order. But before that: Queen of the Savages (from Chuck LoPresti), Evil (from Myles Brewster). And two uke photos: the apt Uki (Dan Jenkin), and Prague (Ulmanen). I also owe a Shout Out to Tony Penultimate (who will be doing for Alfred Molina what Lyle Ritz did for Steve Martin) for forgoing bullfighthing in favor of making his songsheet available. In closing, it's Earth Day tomorrow. Carpool, recycle, buy fish carefully. Do what you can.

04/06/05--Cindy L. builds a time machine, grabs her uke, and blasts back to the Cretaceous Period for these pictures. Now that gets a Uke Shout Out. Three more to Bob R., Arch L., and Ben M. for St. Louis Blues, Raindrops Keep Falling on My Head, and Piazza, New York Catcher.

03/28/05--Mike Hayllor takes his uke to Guildford Cathedral to add some pep to its choir. Humble Will Teach lets us know that he wants to be On the Cover of the Rolling Stone. Toine Otten would rather be in Amsterdam. Uke Shout Outs all around, and in case you didn't know: Bei Mir Bist Du Schön.

03/14/05--There's been a whole mess of updates lately, let's see if I can find them all: I'm Gonna Give It to Mary with Love from Frank Duffy, Help Me Rhonda from H.W.T., Cuanto la Gusta from Joe and Jenny Fago, Baby on Board and Hard Times Come Again No More from Arch Larizza, and Straight, No Chaser from Maurice Rickard. Into the mix I added Sing, Sunshine, Down by the Riverside, and The Rainbow Connection. Uke World's gotten some great pictures from Central Park Gates from Uke Jackson, and Chateau de Versailles from Charly Castor. Thanks to everybody, enjoy.

02/09/05--Why do I keep this index page if I'm not going to bother updating it? Why am I asking you? Here's what's new since last time: Bizarre Love Triangle, Creepy Girl (from Chuck LoPresti), Authority Song (from D.J. Coffman), Two of Us (from Humble Will Teach). It occurs to me that four are appropriate for Valentine's Day - play and enjoy. AND! Something new has been added to the media page. Two new things, actually. Gung hay fa choy!

01/26/05--Here at Uke Boog we shy from no controversy - not even the volatile Baggage Handler. We also stand firm on our promise of bringing bubble songs to the public. Hence: I'm Forever Blowing Bubbles and Tiny Bubbles (Uke Shout Out to Ben Mabley). We cannot, however, endorse crumb flecked beards. To wit: Leave the Biker (big U.S.O. to frequent contributor Toine Otten, no thanks to infrequent updater me).

01/17/05--I have a dream. No, not the one with Hilary Swank. It's the one where ukes of all tunings play in harmony. To that end: D tuning chart.

01/16/05--Don Fowler hangs ten with Wailua Alo Lahilahi, Jason Miller gets a grip on The Wehrmacht's Lament, Matthew Black spelunks in a cavern to find Clementine, CT spends a night in Cinderella's Castle and cc407 hangs out on the South Florida Coast. Five Uke Shout Outs and (finally) a baritone chord chart for you baritone ukers.

01/05/05--If you're drinking a Shirley Temple, you'll probably like Brand New Key, if you're drinking scrumpy, you'll love The Combine Harvester. This and a Uke Shout Out to Hansueli Tischhauser for pictures of the Landau landmarks.

12/31/04--Let's end the year with La Mer, Caroline (courtesy of Hudson Bedell), and this picture from Logan Square. In closing, disasters can make the things one works on seem insignficant, trivial, unimportant. Luckily, I don't have any great pretensions about this site (case in point here), but it would end Uke Boog's 2004 on a good note if I could persuade you to give to the tsunami survivors. A very happy and healthy new year to you.

12/27/04--Here's a stocking stuffer you may have missed: Mr. Leon's uke tuner ring tone. Don't be caught flat again.

12/25/04--Merry Christmas everybody! Whether you're in East Turkestan or Christmastown I hope you find faces as happy as these.

12/23/04--All the best to you if you have someone to sing this with. If you don't, get busy - Baby, It's Cold Outside.

12/18/04--I'm stymied on the chords, but the lyrics are enough for now. Can I help it if I Like Life?

12/12/04--Life is funny.

12/11/04--Here are the updates from last week: Adeste Fideles, The Cat Came Back, Hans Christian Anderson, Menilmontant (a very big uke shout out to Juliet), a uke eating lion, and Christmas in Killarney.

12/04/04--A hapa haole holiday hymn: Christmas Luau.

12/03/04--Humble Will wants you to play with his Ding-a-Ling (!) and Chocolate Thunder checks out the wooden soldiers at Radio City Music Hall. Two Uke Shout Outs and Jerome Kern's lovely Just the Way You Look Tonight to close.

12/02/04--Today's update is to remind you of the holiday songs section - Mele Kalikimaka.

12/01/04--The twelve days of Christmas begins today. What's that mean? 12 consecutive days of updates, that's what. AND a new sweepstakes (click for details). The songs! Something and Stacy's Mom, courtesy of first time and frequent contributors Walter Forsberg and Toine Otten, respectively. And from our friend Thunderpinkies is a picture of Toronto's CN Tower. Uke Shout Outs all around, happy December to you.

11/18/04--Nothing puts a man in a good mood like an enormous chicken, a Uke Shout Out to Tom Mulligan, connoisseur of monumental objects d'architecture. In the songbook are The Wind Cries Mary and Hold Me Now. A Uke Shout Out to Toine Otten and Humble Will Teach, connoisseurs of Hendrix and Thompson Twins.

10/24/04--This song goes out to Coe's beautiful and fun cousins who danced with me. It's Lyn Skyn's Sweet Home Alabama.

10/23/04--First off is this terrific picture of a 700 pound pumpkin from Joel Myer. Then the last song in Tim Harrod's Hallowe'em set, Science Fiction Double Feature (a big Uke Shout Out for these songs). And to cap it off, for my friend, Natalie Haole Hula.

10/20/04--As a kid my first Hallowe'en costume idea was always pirate. So for all ye swabs here be Will's Pub Song courtesy of Humble Will Teach and the Corsairs. Ar. Next up (and second last) in Tim Harrod's Hallowe'en set, Theme from the Munsters. And we've got another picture, this one from Tonya Dale, the appropriately named Hell's Bucket! I mean, Ukanom Lake. Ar!

10/18/04--More Hallowe'en songs! This time it's Sympathy for the Devil and - in case you're going as a submariner - the Sealab 2021 Theme Song. Two Uke Shout Outs to Tim Harrod and Diana Yassanye. I told you I went up to Washington for my brother's wedding, right? Sure I did. On the way up I couldn't afford the detour to see the Sundial Bridge. Well, Walt Lew comes through with these pictures. A big Uke Shout Out to Walt. I did, though, take this picture of Mt. Shasta from the rental car.

10/13/04--Song #2 in Tim Harrod's Hallowe'en set is the classic Monster Mash. And if you want to go as Bing Crosby for Hallowe'en, Mairzy Doats.

10/12/04--I've reorganized the Links page and was reminded of some Uke Shout Outs I want to throw out: if you haven't already checked out Dominator's fantastic uke tabs, you should. Especially now that he's tabbed 12th St Rag. Tony Penultimate commits his crooning soul to a new cd, Soppy & the Sentimentals (come for the voice, stay for the lyrics). And finally, there's B.St.G.'s King David Ukulele Station, a French uke blog that's doing its part to start the European ukulele revolution.

10/10/04--These crisp fall days are great. Just look at this picture of the Wisconsin North Woods from Craig Murdoch. Beautiful. Tim Harrod has thought ahead and is sharing a bunch of songs for the upcoming holiday. No, not Canadian Thanksgiving. It's the Hallowe'en set, starting with Squirrel Nut Zippers' Hell. For those of you who want to go as Tortelvis for Hallowe'en, Stairway to Heaven - contributed by Brian Schoonover - is in the songbook also.

10/05/04--Who thinks I should post, like, daily? Are pie charts necessary? Back to the update! Michael Yates sends in this picture from Friar Park, the home of the late, great George Harrison. To go with that, Devil in the Deep Blue Sea from Thunderpinkies. So All Together Now: thanks M.Y. and Tp.

09/26/04--Two big Uke Shout Outs (Euro conversion accounted) across the Atlantic to Jean-Michel Thiriet for pictures from the Nîmes Arena and to Toine Otten for Àgua de Beber.

09/19/04--I had a dream with Britney Spears in it a couple of days back. I posed for a picture with her, but later regretted not having had my uke on hand. To fuel interpretations: Oops! I Did It Again. A Uke Shout Out to Matt Wyss for the Vladivostock photo. And, finally, a brand new Uke Tip.

09/12/04--What a great day, I hope you all enjoyed a good weekend. There's The Daughter of Rosie O'Grady in the songbook, and two new pictures in Uke World. (Various chord diagrams and the Froggy Uke store are out of commission, I'll fix them as soon as I'm able. And I'll be singing when I do.)

09/01/04--Hey, I'm three for three starting with this great transcription of Pavement's Elevate Me Later from Maurice Rickard. And remember I mentioned I didn't take my uke on my vacation? Well, I had the good fortune to meet ukeur and book connoisseur Bertrand Saint-Guillain in Paris, who held his R. & F. Charle uke out for this picture at Canal Saint-Martin. And to make this update a trifecta, a new design for the store, the miracle cure Froggy Goes a-Ukin'.

08/31/04--What's this?! Two updates in as many days? Here's I Can't Give You Anything But Love, Baby.

08/30/04--So I'm going to start out with a fix on Unusual, adding Tom Jones' original chords. Then I'll take a second to say thanks for the emails and contributions. Then I'll throw a Uke Shout Out to Tim Harrod for I Will Survive, and finish up with a parody I prefer to the original, Cookie Monster's version of Makin' Whoopee, Eatin' Cookie.

08/24/04--I didn't take my uke on with me on my vacation but these two troopers did. Check it out: J.C. carried his uke across the ocean to the Fiji islands and D.B. dragged his across the desert to the Salt Lake Spiral Jetty. Uke Shout Outs for everyone.

08/16/04--I've just returned from a two week vacation in Paris, London, and the English countryside. I'm back and so are the updates... they're less distracted, though. Alright, let's give a Uke Shout Out to Thunderpinkies for My Little Ukulele and Chocolate Thunder (what's with all the thunder?) for these pictures of Cabbage Patch Babyland. Rounding off the update, another classic 80s song for the songbook: Come on Eileen.

07/25/04--I haven't been neglecting this site entirely (entirely). There have been a few (few) updates made. Here they are, in case you missed any (what's up?): from EUMB comes some pictures of Studio Ghibli in Japan, proving--as far as the uke is concerned--It's A Small World. Mary-Anne McTrowe took on A-Ha in Take on Me, and I took on the Yodelling Cowboy in Jimmie Rodgers' My Blue Eyed Jane. Then came photo evidence of something fishy at Moss Landing. And finally, one month after it was submitted, Rob Kluxen's contribution, Grow Old With You by Adam Sandler.

07/01/04--Happy Canada Day to our neighbours up North. Now send in some pictures! There must be a uke player in Moosejaw. I know there's one in Edmonton, a Uke Shout Out to Brad Langdale for Pinball Wizard. Another U.S.O. to Geoffrey Davis who took time out of sunbathing researching ukuleles to send in this Uke World picture. Take it easy, everybody.

06/29/04--What's an International Biosphere Reserve? Seane Crews knows. A Uke Shout Out for the (banjo?) uke pic. In other news, we're Makin' Whoopee in the songbook. And Only the Good Die Young from Billy Joel via D.J. Coffman.

06/03/04--I'm telling you, the Uke Boog audience is the best audience in the internet. If it's not Thunderpinkies sending me George Harrison's All Those Years Ago, it's Theo de Grood undertaking a 3 and a half hour ascent up Ben Nevis, uke in tow. Two Uke Shout Outs to Thunder and Theo. Also, Daydream Believer by The Monkees.

06/01/04--I meant to mention, some time ago I hit my head on a two by four. In my defense, K was swinging it at me at the time. But that's neither here nor there. I just wanted to say it put into mind I'm Beginning to See the Light, now in the songbook.

05/31/04--Dang, it's been a long time since I've picked up the uke. Or touched this site. I have this idea, see, that I want to put on a puppet show and I've been working on that. I won't say there's a Sock Puppet Boogaloo or Jiminy Kokopo Complete Puppet Guide in the offing, but all the same my motivation hasn't been in the uke. Till now. Time for the updates! Remember this photo--as they say--and rendezvous with this one (Uke Shout Outs to G. & H. Davis and E.U. Master Blaster, respectively). And one more Uke Shout Out to Doggie Diner documentor N. Alegria for the doctor demented Shaving Cream.

04/21/04--They'll never pin this on Little Rico, see? Nyah. Or, in other words, Alcatraz in Uke World. Fat Man Jose in the Songbook (Come a Little Bit Closer). And a Uke Shout Out to Maurice Rickard for the well tabbed Jumpin' Jack Flash. It's a gas! See? Nyah.

04/16/04--From the City of Love to the Flats of Salt: Dan Bluestein sends in a picture from Bonneville. A Uke Shout Out to Nick Johnson who sees Polkadots and Moonbeams. And I know you're fond of me today, but Will You Love Me Tomorrow? Well, how about the day after tomorrow?

04/03/04--A couple of songs for the weekend: You Belong to My Heart (aka Solamente Una Vez) and Timebomb (I'm not sure how it goes, but I'm going to take the good word of Paul Snyder that it's fun on the uke). And a trompe l'oeil from Monsieur Castor, regardez vous la tour d'uke.

03/29/04--Did I say Gloria Lieberman? I meant Bill Clawson. And I imagine nothing soothes an aerophobe's nerves like imagining the pilot with his feet up on the rudder control playing Sophisticated Hula. Just kidding, Captain Bill. In the songbook, God Only Knows (from the generous hand of Theo de Grood).

03/25/04--I had this dream the other night where I had this insane craving for bacon. I was finding it everywhere and couldn't eat enough of it-the whole time, of course, thinking this couldn't be good for me. I end up going to this fish and chips place and ask the guy, "Instead of chips, can I get bacon with that?" Through the dream is playing the first part of Spanish Eyes. Let's turn 43,000 feet above Cuba to Gloria Lieberman's proof that uke playing is a high. A Uke Shout Out to Gloria!

03/19/04--The final three songs for last week are finally up. A big uke shout out to Theo De Grood for Bang Bang, and Humble Will Teach for If I Fell (both with some good extras). Rounding off that week of updates is Yellow Bird.

03/10/04--For Tuesday: South Sea Island Magic. And a Wednesday uke shout out to D.J. Coffman for Wildflower.

03/08/04--Day two brings us the Mars expedition appropriate Rocket Man from Jay Sherby. Out of this world, Jay.

03/07/04--In honor of leap year (yeah yeah, one week past) and in recognition of reaching 100 songs in the songbook, you can expect one song every day this week (a task made much easier by some great contributions). Starting off the set: Abba's Dancing Queen submitted by Chocolate Thunder.

02/20/04--Also, Thank You... and I just realized this lovely song is the 100th in the Songbook.

02/18/04--Hey hey! They're the Archies, people say they archie around. They wrote a song called Sugar Sugar... and that's as far as I'm going to take this.

02/17/04--For you, nothing. But for you, an update. Charming Hapa Haole song For You a Lei in the Songbook.

02/16/04--The increasingly infrequent updates begin with the Songbook which now features the names of contributors (giving credit where credit is due and absolving me from any Sarah McLachlan posts). For those of you interested in but perplexed by the Crazy G tab I have some videos in Uke Media that may help if you can get them to play. Believe it or not, the uke attempts to stow away aboard a Mars bound rocket in Uke World. Finally, to the regular visitors who've been checking back for weekly updates, my apologies and assurance of more regular posting. Starting... now.

01/31/04--Hey! Who isn't impressed by a horse sitting atop an enormous chair? I know I am. A Uke Boog Shout Out to "Aw Man" McConnaughey for this picture. Also, Crazy G.

01/29/04--Matt Wyss serves you right... with two songs: the classic Plastic Jesus and Hank Williams' ballad to overweight, elongated, and insane canines Move It On Over. Rob Marquez went fishing for pampano a few weeks back to instill a little envy in people in colder climes. I'm finishing a simple transposing tutorial and'll see you on the weekend.

01/09/04--Quite a few months back I posted The Summer Wind after hearing Jeff Neighbor play it. I had the pleasure of hearing the inimitable Mr. Neighbor play The Nearness of You (again seemingly off the top of his head) so I offer yet another pale imitation of one of his arrangements. Matthew Black of England sends in the Man in Black's Ring of Fire (get some good right hand action going on this one). Dan Bluestein sends in pictures from a historic meeting of East and West (and, he asserts, he's not referring to a Jackie Chan film).

01/01/04--Hey, here we go. 2003 was a great year, here's to a happy and healthy 2004. Uke Boog is all tidied up: the Fun and More page gets a makeover and the Links page gets a long-overdue update. Charly Castor sends a picture from Basel, Switzerland and Tom Mulligan sends the second in his giant objects series. In the songbook it's raining pennies (use the second position G for the transition to Bm).

12/13/03--I just learned that the Japanese version of Rudolf the Red-Nosed Reindeer has the other reindeer burying Rudolph (Santa saves him on Christmas Eve). Life is good. I don't have that version of the carol, but I do have Rocking Around the Christmas Tree and a new medley.

12/07/03--A transatlantic uke-dank to Theo de Grood for No Surprises. I'll balance it with the slightly more optimistic Better Things. Then a channel hop uke-pip-pip to Duke Malcopops for Stonehenge and Bath's Royal Crescent.

11/29/03--I'm thankful for many things, among those, the Uke Boog audience. So cheers to you. Holiday song updates begin with Put a Little Love in Your Heart. The other Joy to the World is up in the songbook. Leigh Anne McConnaughey and Dan Bluestein continue to duke it out in Uke World with Denver Mint and Moffat Tunnel, respectively (who is that guy?).

11/21/03--A Uke Shout Out for Ukeferg who turns the tables on Wall Drug, AND gets a glass of free ice water. In songs we have Unusual and C'est Si Bon which goes out to my friend Charly Castor.

11/14/03--Not one to be outdone, Leigh Anne McConnaughey submits this picture of the Colorado state capitol. Bruce Evans offers California Here I Come, and Carl von Baeyer provides a correction and some interesting information on Lilli Marlene.

11/11/03--My digital camera is busted so I can't post a picture of my uke on the dry-rotted deck of my beautiful new home. But someone else also moved into a new home recently - here's a picture of Arnold's house, courtesy of Dan Bluestein.

11/10/03--Here you go, the reason I was so far behind on the updates. Yes, I got married. I also bought a house. Between the two events I didn't find much time to update the website, despite many excellent contributors doing my work for me. All those submissions will be posted this week, so keep checking back.

11/09/03--Some weeks back Duke Malcopops came through with the farthest-flung uke world picture. Get your yoga on and go visit the Kedarnath Temple. He also contributed the Guinness-friendly Making Love, Ukulele Style. Claude Whitscell added some English charm (and bawdiness) to the songbook with George Formby's With My Little Ukulele in My Hand. Coming soon: the reason I'm a month behind on these updates. I'll say this much right now, my fretting hand feels suddenly heavier.

10/11/03--Mr. Olsen-Hoek's Aloha 'Oe made me realize Hawaiian songs are underrepresented in the songbook, so I'm adding Wahini Ilikea and Burning Love. Alright, it's not Hawaiian, but it is from Elvis' Aloha album.

10/07/03--Blame it on Shorty Long! The one night I had to work on this site they had to be playing. Now I have the grasshopper's remorse, and feel a little guilty for letting this update get away so long. So here we go: Todd Mauldin sends in Leonard Cohen's Everybody Knows (which, ironically, I don't know), and William Olsen-Hoek offers Aloha 'Oe for you fine people. Electro Ukulele Master Blaster captures a shot of the elusive Giant Hula Dolls, and Victor Frost comes through with the view from his flat. Into this mix I'm adding Fisherman's Blues, a picture of the Phil Chaves Experience, and a sincere uke shout out for these contributors and you who write in.

09/16/03--The files were up, but this posting comes a little late. Nonetheless, a uke shout out to Todd Mauldin who sends his regards from the Biggest Little City in the World. The songbook adds Johnny Cash's Understand Your Man. I'm out of town for the rest of the week acting as best man. I may manage a remote update, but at the very least I'll come back with some Uke World photos. It's not much to last the week, but try out the new uke tip. Suggested song: It's Only a Paper Moon (use your second position E7 and Am7 also). Adios!

09/09/03--I'm in a fine mood. Here's an extra song, Fly Me to the Moon. Goodnight, everybody.

09/06/03--We've got two blue heavens today: My Blue Heaven and Blue Heaven.

09/02/03--How'd that weekend get by without an update? The first shout out goes to Claude Whitscell for Lilli Marlene. The second to Steve Ellerhoff for taking his uke to the River Liffey in Dublin, Ireland. Those contributions and Can't Help Falling in Love complete this update. See you next week.

08/23/03--We all have to master the E Major chord sometime; here's Louie Louie (uke shout out to Bruce Evans) and Lola. And a uke shout out to Geoff and Phoebe Davis for detouring to the Honolulu House for a Uke World photo op.

08/16/03--It's the "Til There Was Hanson" update: Til There Was You and MMMBop in the songbook. Next week: "Stairway to Wooly Bully".

08/13/03--To clarify: I use the word "jerk" like most people use the work "guy". As in "those jerks on the corner" or "the jerks I work with". I mean no offense, you jerks.

08/09/03--Many thanks to Charly Dedessus for a monumental Uke World photo. Across the country they're whoopin' it up at the Uke Expo. Last year I heard Joel Eckhaus play Jersey Tune I at the Expo open mike. I'll offer it for those of us who couldn't make it to Rhode Island. Ah what the heck, it's also for you jerks who did make it.

08/02/03--There's just enough time for one more update before the weekend (when I play with the RHUB at the Aloha Festival). Here we go: my uke visits the Pez Museum and enjoys the hospitality of curator Gary Doss. For my wonderful niece, Jessica, Happy Birthday (my little niecey's all growed up).

07/31/03--Still making it up to you... a picture of the Purple Poodle in Uke World. Java Jive comes in by request of and goes out to Amy. And when you're in a melancholy mood in the middle of the night What a Wonderful World is just the thing.

07/30/03--Dang! Has it really been 25 days since the last update? Well, the rent don't pay itself, as they say... then a fridge fell on me and I couldn't reach the keyboard. Anyway, here's where I start making up for it (with a little help): Robert Marquez took his uke with him on a cruise through the Bahamas and submits photo evidence. Kristen Batten sends in this picture from Vancouver International Airport. D.J. Coffman sends in Spiderman. And yours truly offers No Rain. Thanks for checking back.

07/05/03--I hope you all had a fun and safe 4th and had a chance to ponder the beauty of independence and diversity. No? Well, I hope you at least had a barbeque. IN UKE WORLD! Pam Mandel comes through with Seattle Ukes (a uke shout out for Pam). Sunny Afternoon wins the vote and becomes the summer solstice song - many thanks to Dan "the King" Bluestein for his tab/chord transcription. And Jay Sherby strikes again, this time with Moon Over Parma; thank you, Jay. Tune in next week for the B.E.B.E.

06/28/03--Two uke shout outs today: one to Jay Sherby for sending in Me and Julio Down by the Schoolyard and another to fellow RHUB member Annie Kook for Roly Poly. Now get out and enjoy the weekend.

06/27/03--Audio links fixed. Sun songs put to the vote.

06/26/03--I must be slipping. Two Sundays ago was Flag Day and I didn't post You're a Grand Old Flag. It was also Father's Day and I didn't post Give My Regards to Broadway, which was one of my father's favorite songs. Last Saturday was the start of summer and I didn't post any sun-shiney songs (suggestions welcome). But (BUT!) I did go drag my uke up a mountain. See the things I do for you? Mt. Tamalpais in Uke World.

06/14/03--Il y a une nouvelle photo dans Le Monde des Ukuleles. Merci beaukulele á Toffa. And The Summer Wind (recipient of the "greatest number of unique chord changes in a single song" award) is up in the songbook, inspired by J.N. who improvised (!) it impromptu. My version is simpler which should give an indication of J's enviable digital dexterity and skill.

06/07/03--Three great contributions this week: Grant Goya sends in I'll Follow the Sun with a tabbed solo. Which reminded me Dan Bluestein had done the same for Cruel to Be Kind months ago (only just updated). And Tom Mulligan sends in the best picture ever, cracks me up. Uke shout outs all around.

06/02/03--Uke Boogaloo is one year old today! And in honor of that, a big ol' update. First, hard to believe but this song hasn't made it into the songbook yet, Tiptoe Through the Tulips (uke shout out to Dan "the King" Bluestein). Second, it's difficult for me to describe exactly how much I dislike Las Vegas but at least they have the Liberace Museum there (located in a strip mall, of course). Third, Uke Media has arrived! The Uke Quiz is up and running (two more games are coming soon). Fourth, congratulations to Andy Otineru whose Hollywood and Vine picture took the most votes in the contest. He'll be taking home a tshirt, this wasn't planned but all other participants will take home a sticker. Fifth, some additions to the Links page. And finally, my thanks to all of you who visit this site, and particularly those who have shared in its development either by your submissions or your kind feedback. Thanks to you all and keep on ukin' in the Boogaloo world.

05/25/03--How can I resist making 26 Miles this week's song? And a couple more Uke World submission were sent in under the wire. They - as well as the voting feature - will be added later today. It's late, and I've been lugging boxes all day, so goodnight.

05/23/03--It's a Southern California cavalcade in Uke World. Ukin' with the rich and famous at Hollywood and Vine (thanks to Andy Otineru), then aboard our private jet to the beautiful Catalina Islands for an evening of dancing at the Avalon Casino Ballroom and a dip in the gorgeous and mesmerizingly blue Avalon Bay (courtesy of John Vickers).

05/23/03--Erosion conspired against Anne Edmunds who wanted to get a picture of New Hampshire's Old Man of the Mountain. Undaunted, she comes through anyway with a shot of the picturesque Conway Scenic Railway.

05/21/03--A big uke shout out to Nancy Alegria who let the dogs out in her Uke World picture, Doggie Diner. (Only three days remaining in the contest, by the way).

05/15/03--The first (!) banjo-uke picture is up in Uke World courtesy of plate tectonics, a couple thousand years of erosion, and Jane Bridges of Stone Mountain, GA.

05/11/03--Another great Uke World picture, this one from Robert Marquez who took his uke to a peace rally. Also, No One Loves You Any Better Than Your M-A-Double M-Y in honor of mamas everywhere (no chords yet, but a nice poem for the day anyway.)

05/09/03--Howlin' Hobbit has a worthwhile chord tutorial up at his website. And frequent (and well-travelled) contributor Shirley Palmer comes through with the second eligible picture for the Uke World Contest: Honolulu Harbor.

05/07/03--So last week I played for the first time with a group, the excellent Royal Hawaiian Ukulele Band, a talented and very friendly group under the leadership of "Uncle" Kem Kanikapila. This belated weekend update (I was out of town getting a uke world picture) comes from their songbook: Nana Kuli.

05/01/03--Nothing could be finer... the first photo eligible for the new contest has been received. Uke shout out to Tom Mulligan of North Carolina for the Biltmore House pic.

04/29/03--THE NEW CONTEST: all Uke World submissions received between today and May 24th will be entered (on May 25th) into our voting booth where YOU get to pick your favorite. The photo with the most votes on Monday, June 2 (the one-year anniversary of Uke Boog) will win a t-shirt from our store (winner's choice).

04/26/03--This week's update brings you Beyond the Sea. And warm up your Funsavers for an upcoming Uke World contest (the prize is a little better than a felt pick... but just a little).

04/19/03--I've wanted to post this song since getting the new Johnny Cash cd for Christmas. Eyeball hating sociopath Sam Hall in the songbook.

04/12/03--Alright, it's the double deuce weekend. That's two (two!) of everything in this update. First of all, in Uke World: the third of three great shots from SPalmer, the long-hoped for Hollywood sign uke pic. And KBatten strikes again with a picture of the Pixar animation studios. In the songbook there's Cruel to Be Kind (uke shout out to DB) and Are You Having Any Fun?. Two new designs for the store (they'll be uploaded later today). And two new links in every category on the links page.

04/02/03--Whoops! I've had my head buried in work for a while, but the lovely Miss Shirley snapped me out of it with some great Uke World pictures. See the blocked out graffiti? A big uke shout out to SP and family. And for the songbook, Sh Boom.

03/27/03--The most recent Uke World picture earns a Uke Shout Out for Matt Kingston and some dubious notoriety for the Gateway Arch in St. Louis, MO.

03/22/03--Song, song, what will be this week's song? How about YMCA? And how about a picture for Uke World? (uke shout out to Roger Vang). And how about that polar bear drawing? Well, let's not get carried away, I've been busy this week.

03/21/03--No, he didn't die in a tragic motor racing accident, Tony Penultimate has just moved his website. Links updated.

03/11/03--Polar Bear gets an early lead and holds onto it to the end. I'll add a store over the weekend. Also coming up, an excellent song from frequent contributor Kevin "The Ukulele Bicycle Guy" Casey. Stay tuned.

03/08/03--They're full of potassium, conveniently packaged, AND they have no bones or stones - it's no wonder I Like Bananas (many thanks to G. Davis of and R. Heffner of for their help in locating the song). And I haven't done two songs in one update in a while, so here you go: Tonight You Belong to Me (uke shout out to JBrat1000).

03/01/03--A tie?! I was hoping Moon River or Moondance would be a clear winner so that I could pick MoonLight Bay and write, "I respectfully disagree..." and be like our jerk president. Oh well, my gag's ruined, but MB is up in the songbook.

02/27/03--This mid-week update includes an excellent new design in the store from illustrator Leigh Anne McConnaughey, a Uke World picture from Betsy O, and Mister Rogers' It's You I Like in the songbook.

02/23/03--I've added some links to The Hunger Site on the songbook page. If you haven't gone there, you might consider making it a habit. Your click earns the site advertising dollars that go directly to the charities described. Costs you nothing but a few seconds and adds up substantially. I'm also starting a voting feature (look to the right). Thanks to DB for the programming help.

02/22/03--Proving that I don't know how to count, this week's song is fourth in the Lunar Triad series: Blue Moon.

02/18/03--Hey, hey! My big brother comes through with a picture he took on a recent trip to Victoria, BC. Thanks, Joe. And, if you can believe it, another Uke World picture from nature lover (the lovely) KLB. Bison in San Francisco? You saw it here first.

02/15/03--Uke World gets a long-overdue update with a submission from KLB (sea lions and ukes) and one from yours truly (and yes, that is me in the picture - my anonymity at last abolished). That's Burrito Broadway, my favorite taqueria. Coming soon: Purple Poodle and Golden Gate Park Buffalo Paddock (which should prove that no favor is given to landmark recognition quotient - so get those pictures took already!).

02/15/03--No, not that Blue Moon. Lunar Triad Song #3 is Bill Monroe's Blue Moon of Kentucky.

02/14/03--Ghost Riders in the Sky upgraded from "Traditional" to "by Stan Jones" - evidence that I do revisit my old posts to correct chord changes/add information. Michelle Kiba and Tom Hansen added to Links.

02/09/03--Lunar Triad Song #2: It's Only a Paper Moon (goes out with thanks to ukin' public transportation advocate KC who submitted this song months ago and to excellent resource who provided the bridge). Good guesses, JLB, on the moon songs - I may expand it from a triad to a quadrille or sextet with your suggestions.

02/01/03--It's time for the Uke Boog' Lunar Triad. Starting this week, I'm going to post three songs with "moon" in the title. First up: By the Light of the Silvery Moon. Any guesses for the next two?

01/25/03--I can't say I'm a Leonard Cohen fan, and I find his use of simile in this song particularly aggravating, but I like playing this song all jazzy-like. Inappropriate? You bet, but it's fun: Bird on a Wire in the songbook.

01/18/03--Yoshimi Battles the Pink Robots by the Flaming Lips. Submitted by the lovely Klb.

01/15/03--For those of you who were wondering, a literal translation of Boum.

01/12/03--Here's the kind of song I wanted to post - something with fewer minor chords and more B flats - Charles Trenet's Boum. This is not the NPR song, help identifying the "I'm loaded..." song is welcome.

01/11/03--Ghostriders in the Sky is up, but I'm compelled to put up a happier song. Going to look up a song heard on NPR's Wait Wait... Don't Tell Me!.

01/09/03--M. Cornwall comes through with a stylish uke world picture.

01/05/03--Links section updated and made (hopefully) easier to read.

01/04/03--Some new songs finally. Great submission from R. Kluxen: Avril Lavigne's Complicated. I like this song, but haven't heard it enough to know if I have the chorus quite right. Corrections/suggestions are welcome. Also, Five Foot Two for the dimunitive Miss Lavigne.

12/30/02--Many thanks to Hannah D for the great Kentucky Derby uke world picture.

12/30/02--Uke World is officially international with the latest submission from ukin' canuck kbatten. What a peach!

12/13/02--I don't want to comprimise the integrity of our news department, but we've entered a partnership with Italian mandolin/lute/uke strap manufacturers Noslippa-Holditoni. Check out their great product! Makes an excellent gift.

12/11/02--Thanks to GD for the Uke World submission, great picture.

12/05/02--Santa Baby is up in carols.

12/04/02--Hey! The first nine people to submit a photo to Uke World will get a free felt uke pick. Another high stakes contest!

12/03/02--After Hours by Velvet Underground up in the songbook. Many thanks to Daniel Aron "The King" Bluestein of [site down] for the contribution.

12/02/02--The Christmas carols page has been cleaned up and updated. Submissions of Santa Baby and Sleigh Ride would be greatly appreciated.

12/02/02--The big update is continuing. Notice something different on the menu bar above? Click on "Fun and More" to find our songbook, Christmas carols, chord chart, uke quiz (under construction), and our newest feature UKE WORLD!

11/27/02--I was going to wait for Thanksgiving to pass, but what the heck. Christmas carols are up. Let It Snow is popular in the retirement center circuit.

11/26/02--Holy Moses, what's with the long hiatus? None of your business, that's what. But stay tuned for some big updates coming up.

10/21/02--Just in time for Christmas! Uke-themed Season's Greetings cards are coming, I hope you like them. Order info to follow, for now you'll be able to get them at the Uke Expo in NJ. See you there!

10/21/02--Popeye the Sailor Man up in chords. Many thanks to public transportation advocate and uker K.C. for the excellent suggestion and lyrics.

10/04/02--I'm always typing after midnight, but out like a light is how I'd rather be. Patsy Cline's Walking After Midnight is up. Check it out.

09/26/02--A lot of chord changes in Willie Nelson's Crazy but they're pretty easy. An early posting for you, I may get another up on Saturday. No promises.

09/21/02--I was going to post some Patsy Cline songs today, but after hearing from a group of disgruntled Irish ukers lambasting me for a "decided partiality" to Scottish music I have decided to post Black Velvet Band. If the lyrics seem odd to you, I have combined the versions by the Dubliners and the Irish Rovers to my liking and to make it as "Oirish" as possible.

09/16/02--So my dad's in a retirement home now and I've been going up a lot to visit and help ease the transition. Typical of my father, he'll say when I get there, "We'll I think I'll take a little nap." -- nevermind that I just drove and hour and a half to see him. So I've taken to bringing my uke with me and playing for the other residents. This week's song is Loch Lomond and it goes out to Jean who suffered my playing for a good while last week. I'll be heading up there again in a few minutes, we'll see how Jean reacts to my butchering her nation's most famous folk tune.

09/08/02--I shouldn't have been posting two songs a week, I'm running out of material. Sorry for the late update, On a Slow Boat to China has been posted in chords. Thanks to D.S. of Hong Kong for the request. I'm interested in knowing from what other far-flung places my visitors hail. Let me know.

09/03/02--Winners of the Ukulele Boogaloo Sweepstakes have been posted. Congratulations to those lucky ukers.

08/31/02--Suspicious Minds and personal favorite Dinah in chords.

08/30/02--I'm between being out of town, so will only manage a quick update. Uke Guild of Hawaii has some news. A new song will be posted for Saturday, what will it be? The Uke Boog Sweepstakes entry deadline has passed. I will draw the names as planned, but will not manage to post the winners until Tuesday, September 3rd. Sorry to keep you in suspense like that.

08/26/02--Four days!

08/24/02--Oh! Susanna in tabs. What, you think you already know it? This is the extendamix version from Bob Clampett's The Wacky Wabbit with lyrics you probably don't know. Another song you might not know, Six Feet of Snow, is up. And there are only six days left to win that free uke.

08/23/02--Only seven days to the Uke Boogaloo Sweepstakes contest deadline. Information here.

08/22/02--Our news items are updated every Thursday. If you have any "real" items you want to submit (concerts, gigs etc) email our news dept.

08/17/02--Apple Blossom and I Can See Clearly Now added to chords page. From now on song updates will be made every Saturday.

08/16/02--C minor chord mistake on chart caught, many thanks to pbarrett.

08/15/02--About Jiminy Kokopo's Ukulele Fun Book: if you have kids and you've been looking for a way to share the uke with them, check out my new book.

08/15/02--Looking for some uke themed desktops or icons? I just put a bunch up here. Check back, I have a feeling I might make some more.

08/14/02--What's with the lack of recent updates?! I've been putting in a lot of hours on Jiminy Kokopo's Book. It's at the printer's as we speak, so I've managed to catch up on a few things with this site. First of all, a page of chord diagrams. I've also posted a few more songs as well as some new links on the links page (email me to submit your site). I've redone the songs to include chords diagrams on the same page and hopefully cleaned things up a little. Let me know what you think. I'll try to make updates regularly from now on, feedback is welcome.

All original material on this website is copyright � 2002 - 2005 by Jerrold Connors. Thank you for visiting, have a pleasant day.