"Pirate Jenny" by Bertolt Brecht, Kurt Weill and Marc Blitzstein

Playing tip from Professor Heckler: For the Cm (0333) at the beginning of each verse, it's fun to alternate with C#m-5 (0323).

You gentlemen can watch while I'm scrubbin' the floors
And I'm scrubbin' the floors while you're [A7+5]gawkin'
And maybe once you tip me and it makes you feel swell,
On a [G#7]ratty waterfront in a ratty old hotel
And you [G#m6]never guess to who you're talkin'
You never guess to who you're talkin' [A#]
[F#6]Suddenly one night there's a [Bm]scream in the night
And you [F#6]yell "what the hell could that've [Bm]been?"
And you [Em7]see me kinda grinnin' while I'm [C#7sus4]scrubbin'
And you [Em7]say "What the hell's she got to [C#7sus4]grin?" [F#add9]
And a [Bm]ship, a black [F#5]freighter,
With a [Em]skull on its masthead
Will be comin' [F#5]in.

You gentlemen can say "Hey girl, finish the floors
Get upstairs, make the beds, earn your[A7+5]keep here!"
You toss me your tips and look out at the ships
But I'm [G#7]countin' your heads while I make up the beds
'Cause there's [G#m6]nobody gonna sleep here
Tonight none of you will sleep here [A#]
[F#6]Then that night there's a [Bm]bang in the night
And you [F#6]yell "Who's that kickin' up a [Bm]row?"
And you [Em7]see me kinda starin' out the [C#7sus4]winda
And you [Em7]say "What's she got to stare at [C#7sus4]now?" [F#add9]
And the [Bm]ship, the black [F#5]freighter,
Turns a[Em]round in the harbor,
Shootin' guns from the [F#5]bow.

Then you gentlemen can wipe off that laugh from your face
Every buildin' in town is a [A7+5]flat one
Your whole stinkin' place will be down to the ground
Only [G#7]this cheap hotel standin' up safe and sound
And you [G#m6]yell "Why do they spare that one?"
And you say "Why do they spare that one?" [A#]
[F#6]All the night through with the [Bm]noise and to-do,
You [F#6]wonder "Who's that person lives up [Bm]there?"
Then you [Em7]see me stepping out into the [C#7sus4]morning,
Lookin' [Em7]nice with a ribbon in my [C#7sus4]hair. [F#add9]
And the [Bm]ship, the black [F#5]freighter,
Runs the [Em]flag up its masthead
And a cheer rings the [F#5]air!

By noontime the dock is all swarmin' with men
Comin' off of that ghostly [A7+5]freighter
They're movin' in the shadows where no one can see
And they're [G#7]chainin' up people and bringin' them to me,
Askin' [G#m6] me, "Kill them now, or later?"
Askin' me, "Kill them now, or later?" [A#]
[F#6]Noon by the clock and so [Bm]still on the dock,
You can [F#6]hear a foghorn miles a[Bm]way,
In that [G7]quiet of death, I'll say
"Right now!"
And they [G7]pile up the bodies and I'll say,
"That'll [C#7sus4]learn ya!" [E6][C#7sus4]
And the [Bm]ship, the black [F#5]freighter,
Disa[Em]ppears out to sea
And on it is [F#5]me.

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