"With My Little Ukulele In My Hand" by George Formby

[C]Now everybody's [G7]got a crazy notion of their [C]own
[F]Some like to mix up with a [C]crowd, some [D7]like to be [G7]alone
It's no [F]one else's business, as [C]far as I can see
But [D7]every time that I go out the people stare at [G7]me
With my[C]little ukulele in my hand
Of [F]course the people do not [C]understand
Some [G7]say, 'Why don't you be a scamp? Why [C]don't you read a book?'
But [D7]I get lots more pleasure when I'm playing with me [G7]uke!
Of [C]course I take no [E7]notice you [Am]can tell [C7]
For [F]mother's sound advice will always [G7]stand
She said 'My [C]boy do as I [E7]say
And you'll [A7]never go [Dm]astray
[G7]If you [C]keep your uku[G7]lele in your [C]hand
[E7]Yes [A7]son!
[D7]Keep your [G7]ukulele in your [C]hand

While walking on the prom one night as peaceful as can be
When some young girl said, "What about a walk down by the sea?"
She said her name was Jen and that she'd just come for the day,
She looked so young and harmless that I couldn't turn away.
So with me little ukulele in my hand
Me and Jen we walked along the sand
We walked along for miles without a single care or frown,
But when we reached the sand dunes, she said, "Come on lets sit down."
I felt so shy and bashful sitting there
Cause the things she said I didn't understand
She said, "Your love just makes me dizzy
Come on big boy get busy!"
[D7]But I kept a [G7]ukulele in my [C]hand
[E7]Yes [A7]sir!
[D7]I kept my [G7]ukulele in my [C]hand!

Made up my mind that I'd get wed some eighteen months ago,
I also bought a book about the things a boy should know.
But just about a week ago I had an awful fright,
I had to get dressed quickly in the middle of the night.
And with my little ukulele in my hand,
I went running down the street to Doctor Brand.
It didn't take him long to get his bag of tools
I held his hat and coat and let him have me book of rules
Out the bedroom door he looked and smiled
He said, "Come inside and see your wife and child!"
My heart it filled with joy
I could see it was a boy
For he had a ukulele in his hand
[E7]Oh [A7]Baby!
[D7]He had a [G7]ukulele in his [C]hand!

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