"Creepy Girl" by The Brains & Michael J. Nelson

[C] [Am] [F] [G7]

[C] Lyle Waggoner's [Am] a total jerk
[F] Second only to [G7]Tommy Kirk
[C] Could you find [Am] it in your heart
[F[To love a [G7] bot like me?
[C] That fishy [Am] story you tell
[F] Always makes me [G7] sleepy
[C] But that's just [Am] what I get
[F] For dating a [G7] girl that's creepy!
My creepy girl...

Spoken (repeat basic progression to the end):
Oh, 'C' is for that feeling of uncertainty, for not quite knowing what ethnic group you're from.
'R' is for the gifts you give me every time you smile.
The first 'E' is for...uh...well, I don't really know,
But the second 'E' is really a grammatical thing, 'cause otherwise it would be 'Creppy Girl' and where would THAT leave us?
The 'P' is definitely not for platonic.
And 'Y'? Because I love you.

My creepy girl!

Oh what are you creepy girl? Are you French, Italian or one of those swarthy Gypsy types? Heh heh!
Well, your accent suggests a Romance language, but I can't be sure.
But we can definitely rule out a Germanic language.
But it's okay, I'm a Bot without a country.
All I know is that I love you and I want to shout it from the mountaintops!
Uh, but, I'd have to get back down to Earth and actually climb a mountain.
Or they could just drop me off on a mountain...I don't care! That would be okay.
Because I!

My creepy girl
Won't you be mine?
I'll give you scrolls and fish and Tinkertoys and wine.
I'll ditch these guys if you'll be my creepy girl
Be mine...before movie sign...

Ohh hooo...ooooohhh...hoooooh....

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