"Pfft, You Were Gone" by Buck Owens

[G]Remember you called me [C]a-sobbin' and [G]cryin'
The dog bit your maw and drug her a[D7]round
You [G]said she looked pale and [C]thought she was [G]dyin'
I said 'Don't worry, I'll [D7]buy a new [G]hound.'


[C]Where, oh where, are you to[G]night?
Why did you leave me here all a[D7]lone?
I [G]searched the world over and [C]thought I found true [G]love
You met another and [D7]*pfft* you were [G]gone.

Down here on the farm the weather gets messy
Laying around with nothin' to do
When you went away, you took my cow Bessie
I miss her darling, more than I miss you

You took off your leg, your wig and your eye glass
And you shoud've seen the look on my face
I wanted to kiss, I wanted to hug you
But you were scattered all over the place


I know that you loved me, here's my way of knowing
The proofs hanging out right there on the line
When I see the snow and feel the wind blowing
Your nighties hugging them long johns of mine

The noises you made at our supper table
Your habits, my dear, were surely absurd
But how many times do I have to tell you
Soup is a dish to be seen and not heard


I had six kids and you had eleven
And we had a boy, and they grew like flowers
I wish you'd come back, without you ain't heaven
'Cause your kids and my kids are beatin' up ours


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