To understand Global Warming, you have to know about the Greenhouse Effect, climate, and pollution.

The Greenhouse Effect is the phenomena where gases in our atmosphere trap heat from the Sun and keep the Earth warm. When operating naturally, the Greenhouse Effect keeps Earth's climate relatively stable.

Climate is an average measurement of weather over a period of time. We know Earth's climate has changed slowly over the millions of years of recorded history. However, measurements from the last 100 years show that Earth's temperature has gone up by 1 degree Fahrenheit.

Pollution is the biggest factor affecting Global Warming. When too many greenhouse gases get added to the atmosphere, the "blanket" around the earth gets denser. More heat gets trapped in the atmosphere and the Earth's temperature gets higher.

Some people call it 'climate change' and say we don't need to worry about it. But the fact is, any amount of greenhouse gases we add to the atmosphere is bad. We should all strive to keep our pollution as low as possible.

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